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IEEE Xplore. Acceso temporal hasta el 27 de octubre

27 octubre, 2020

Acceso a papers y  conferencias.

La biblioteca digital IEEE Xplore es un poderoso recurso para el descubrimiento de contenido científico y técnico publicado por el IEEE (Instituto de Ingenieros Eléctricos y Electrónicos) y sus socios editoriales.

IEEE Xplore proporciona acceso web a más de cinco millones de documentos de texto completo de algunas de las publicaciones más citadas del mundo en ingeniería eléctrica, informática y electrónica.

El acceso estará disponible para toda la comunidad UAI hasta el  27 de octubre de 2020. Para conocer otros recursos en demostración,  da click aquí.



  • Aleph: An indicator of decision-making patterns within collaborative marking sessions for writing assessment that can predict reliability. Assessing writing is difficult due to language inherent subjectivity. Rubrics can help tackle this problem, although collaborative training sessions on their interpretation are required in order to reach consensus between markers and ensure minimum reliability levels. This article reports the construction of Aleph; an indicator built on raters’ decision-making behavior in collaborative environments, which can explain agreement between markers. Evaluated within real training sessions of three markers for a high-stake written test, it showed excellent results on identifying markers’ patterns and a good correlation with Fleiss’ Kappa on agreement. Autores: Nicolás Herrera, Jorge Villalón y Gonzalo Muñoz.


  • Gender violence: media treatment and analysis of the Nabila Rifo case in La Cuarta and Las Últimas Noticias. On May 14, 2016, Nabila Rifo was found on a public road without her eyeballs and with serious injuries throughout her body that kept her in an induced coma for several days. The attack was one of the iconic news that marked the Chilean society, in general and the press in particular, regarding awareness about femicide and gender-based violence. This article analyzes the coverage and treatment that the digital newspapers La Cuarta and Las Ultimas Noticias gave to that case. The investigation applies a matrix of categories through the mixed content analysis technique to 706 editions of the newspapers, from the day the victim was beaten until the conviction of Mauricio Ortega, Rifos’s former partner accused as the author of the facts. The analysis includes the universe of copies of both newspapers from May 14, 2016 to May 2, 2017.The study reveals that the aforementioned media proposed social representations that contributed to a secondary victimization of Nabila Rifo by unnecessarily exposing her and granting scabrous details of the case. Autores: Javiera Irarrázaval e Isavo Luengo.


  • BER-Adaptive RMLSA Algorithm for Wide-Area Flexible Optical Networks. Wide-area optical networks face significant transmission challenges due to the relentless growth of bandwidth demands experienced nowadays. Network operators must consider the relationship between modulation format and maximum reach for each connection request due to the accumulation of physical layer impairments in optical fiber links, to guarantee a minimum quality of service (QoS) and quality of transmission (QoT) to all connection requests. In this work, we present a BER-adaptive solution to solve the routing, modulation format, and spectrum assignment (RMLSA) problem for wide-area elastic optical networks.  Autor: Danilo Bórquez-Paredes


  • Reconstruction of a GRN model of salt stress response in arabidopsis using genetic algorithms. Salinity is one of the main problems in agriculture, negatively influencing the survival, biomass production, and yield of food crops. Exposure to high salinity is connected with ionic stress due to accumulation of sodium ions, osmotic stress, and reactive oxygen species production. To develop crop plants with enhanced tolerance of saline stress, a basic understanding of physiological, biochemical and gene regulatory networks (GRN) is essential. In this paper, an approach to study the saline stress response and tolerance of plants through the GRN involved in this process is proposed. Autor: Gonzalo A. Ruz;  Tania Timmermann; Eric Goles


  • On the Marshall–Olkin Copula Model for Network Reliability Under Dependent Failures. The Marshall-Olkin (MO) copula model has emerged as the standard tool for capturing dependence between components in failure analysis in reliability. In this model, shocks arise at exponential random times, that affect one or several components inducing a natural correlation in the failure process. However, because the number of parameter of the model grows exponentially with the number of components, MO suffers of the “curse of dimensionality.”. Autor: Omar Matus ; Javiera Barrera; Eduardo Moreno; Gerardo Rubino.