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English corner

A la mesa con Neruda = at the table with Neruda
Aída Figueroa
100 love sonnets = cien sonetos de amor
Pablo Neruda
The divine comedy
Dante Alighieri
Hojas de hierba: antología bilingüe
Walt Whitman
Antología bilingüe
W. B. Yeats
No nature : new selected poems
Gary Snyder
The picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde
Borges and Plato : a game with shifting mirrors
Shlomy Mualem
Street art Santiago Chile
Lord K2
Dialogue with death
Arthur Koestler
The Scarlet letter
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Love and politics in the contemporary spanish american novel
Aníbal González
Short history of England
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
The annotated Alice : Alice’s adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass
Carroll, Lewis
Alice’s adventures in wonderland & through the looking-glass
Carroll, Lewis
The complete works
Carroll, Lewis
Krazy Kat : a novel in five panels
Cantor, Jay
Poe and the visual arts
Cantalupo, Barbara
X : writings ’79-’82
Cage, John
The familiar enemy : Chaucer, language, and nation in the Hundred Years War
Butterfield, Ardis
Erewhon on over the range
Butler, Samuel
Here comes everybody : an introduction to James Joyce for the ordinary reader
Burgess, Anthony
Poetical works : complete from 1833 to 1868 and the shorter poems thereafter
Browning, Robert
French romance of the later middle ages : gender, morality, and desire
Brown-Grant, Rosalind
Realist vision
Brooks, Peter
Marcel Proust and deliverance from time
Bree, Germaine
Marx and Freud in Latin America : politics, psychoanalisis, and religion in times of terror
Bosteels, Bruno
The Latin American urban crónica: between literature and mass culture
Bielsa, Esperança
How to travel incognito : illustrated by the author
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Ventriloquized bodies : narratives of hysteria in nineteenth-century France
Beizer, Janet L.