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Bertoia : the metalworker
Beverly H. Twitchell
Architect for better days
Jean Prouvé
The architecture of taste
Pierre Hermé
Grid index
Carsten Nicolai
Architettura parassita : strategie di riciclaggio per la città
Sara Marini
Design by numbers
John Maeda
Point and line to plane
Wassily Kandinsky
Emergence : the connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software
Steven Johnson
Geologics : Geography Information Architecture
Vicente Guallart
Liminal thinking : create the change you want by changing the way you think
Dave Gray
Thinking and imagination : between science and art
Olaf Breidbach
Contra la incontinencia urbana : reconsideración moral de la arquitectura y la ciudad
Bohigas, Oriol
Sou Fujimoto : primitive future
Sōsuke Fujimoto
Fabricate : making digital architecture
 Ruairi Glynn
Física universitaria : con física moderna. Vol 2
Francis Weston Sears y otros
Física universitaria : con física moderna. Vol 1
Francis Weston Sears y otros
Papiroflexia creativa
Kunihiko Kasahara
Designing gestural interfaces
Dan Saffer
The language of things : understanding the world of desirable objects
Deyan Sudjic
Space is the machine : a configurational theory of architecture
Bill Hillier
Augmented reality : principles and practice
Dieter Schmalstieg
Dan Saffer
Programming interactivity
Joshua J. Noble
Economics and land use planning
 Alan W Evans
The practice of everyday life
Michel de Certeau
Practice : architecture, technique + representation
Stan Allen
The new urbanism : toward an architecture of community
Peter Katz
Splintering urbanism : networked infrastructures, technological mobilities and the urban condition
Stephen Graham
Shaping things
Bruce Sterling
Design thinking
Peter G. Rowe
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